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New Dual Tungsten Welding Systems Installed in FTV Proclad UK

FTV Proclad UK has  recently installed 3  new multi head Dual Tungsten GTAW weld cladding systems  at its UK headquarters, providing a dramatic increase to its capacity and reinforcing its position as the  market and technological leader in the sector.

FTV Proclad UK is part of the Proclad Group which now boasts the largest weld cladding capacity in the world,  and  has been at the forefront of the weld cladding sector for over 25 years. Proclad   is continually evolving its weld cladding technology thanks to its in-house research and development team to push the boundaries of this key service to its global client base.

The new technology delivers a flatter, smoother weld bead profile which reduces turbulence of  a production O&G pipeline, therefore enabling the clients to enjoy improved flow rates.

Proclad’s Dual Tungsten approach to weld cladding also enables them to clad pipes up to 12.3 metres in length with a wall thickness as low as 7mm compared to the traditional approach which requires a minimum wall thickness of 12mm.

As part of the investment, Proclad has also added an advanced data logging system which enables it to set upper and lower limits to ensure repeatability allowing us to deliver product to the most stringent of specifications / national standards.

FTV Proclad’s General Manager, John Butchart, explained, “We have continued to develop our own Weld Cladding technology and processes to suit our specific requirements and to ensure we  maintain a technical edge within the market whilst retaining our own IP”

He continued, “Being in control of our Weld Cladding technology takes away the reliance on an independent equipment manufacturer. We are able to continuously evolve our technology and take charge of our own destiny  allowing Proclad to deliver market leading quality to our global customer base.” 


Weld Clad Overlay