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Proclad Academy

Proclad Academy
Proclad Academy, we pride ourselves on taking a no nonsense approach to business improvement that generates better prepared, qualified, more engaged and safety aware individuals.  All these attributes contribute to a more efficient and effective organization that values its staff.  The Proclad Academy seeks to add value to your business and provide you with a return on investment that improves your financial performance.

Not matter global corporation, government department, small business, NGO or private individual the Academy seeks to go beyond traditional training models to demonstrate measurable financial improvements.

This ambition is backed up with a track record of some of the most well known world class training and education institution that we have partnered with. The Academy brings you the very best consultancy and training experts that are experienced, practical and accessible for your requirements throughout the GCC, North Africa and South East Asia.

We want to become close to you to understand your business needs and respond with a combination of training, coaching and consultancy services that reap you real and measurable benefits.

Proclad Academy
Techno Park
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
P.O.BOX 123776
Tel: +971 4 870 4010
Fax: +971 4 870 4011